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Welcome to Muddy Creek

At Muddy Creek, we believe that all Natural Soaps shouldn't be too hard to find or too expensive to keep around.  We also believe that they should do the right thing for your skin and for the environment. That's why everything in our soaps are pure, and all bars are made with our natural vegetable oil base.

You'll find No Nasty Chemicals in our quality soaps; not harsh on your skin or unkind to the environment. Their effect is frequently what gets people to try us out in the first place!

Muddy Creek Premium Body Care Soaps come in many striking colours and refreshing fragrances that make your entire bathroom look good and smell great, and our 100% pure essences mean the fragrance always last as long as the soap does.

Unlike other soaps, our soaps don't mush in your hands or build-up residue and soap scum around your shower or bath.

We're confident that we provide a superior product at a great price, and our customers do too.  Once they try our soaps, they keep coming back for more!  Read more about them on our Testimonials page.

Have you bought some of our soaps at a festival or show and are looking for more?  See a list of stores that carry our products… OR simply check out our range of soaps and body care products in our Online Catalogue.




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